29th September 2020 by Sneha Kuriakose

    Past exercises in city planning are shown to have resulted in exclusionary urbanization. The worst affected has been the urban poor, whose unequal footing in the city not only makes them susceptible to...

  • What is participatory design? On-ground lessons from Amaravati

    13th July 2020 by Swati Janu

    Terms like ‘human centered design’ and ‘user feedback’ have become much used in development projects today. While this is good news as it marks a move towards more participatory processes, a closer look reveals that...

  • Medicine and Telemedicine in the Times of Covid-19

    28th May 2020 by Dr. Pratap Kumar, MD, PhD

    There is no doubt that we live in tragic and fascinating times. The toll of the pandemic in terms of both lives and livelihoods is sadly yet to be fully realised.

  • Housing: A Bridge between Lives and Livelihood

    13th May 2020 by Shahena Khan, Anukriti Pathak, Sketch By: Shukanta Saha

    On 28th March, carrying their bags and children, thousands of migrant families amid the nationwide lockdown, stood in a long queue of nearly 3 km at the Anand Vihar bus...

  • Mobility Pricing

    15th April 2020 by Rachel Weinberger, Michael King, Tarun Sharma

    Mobility – moving across cities, between regions, and around our neighbourhoods so we can reach our jobs, schools, customers, and family members, and to access important goods and...

  • In the era of a New Urban Regime

    10th April 2020 by Shahena Khan

    In the wake of globalization, new geographies of governmentality are emerging. One of the expressions of these new geographies is the changing relationship between the State and its citizens.

  • Rickshaw headlines

    3rd April 2020 by Michael Linke, Michael King, Pranjali Deshpande

    For the past six months, I’ve had a Google alert on the word “Rickshaw.” I receive a summary of five or six news reports per day on average, and they fall into three main...

  • Bhubaneshwar’s Approach to the CITIIS Challenge

    3rd April 2020 by Seetha Raghupathy, Smritika Srinivasan

    Bhubaneswar is one of India’s unique cities where the old temple town with a diverse range of heritage resources rubs shoulders with the modern city designed by Otto Konigsberger. This...

  • What does it mean to be a mentor?

    20th March 2020 by Michael King

    What does it mean to be a mentor?A mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted advisor.  Synonyms include swami and maharishi. To me, mentoring flows from this parable: Give someone fish and they will eat...

  • The Villages within a Smart City

    16th March 2020 by Swati Janu

    The capital city of Delhi, which I call home, is dotted with several urban villages. Most of these villages were incorporated within the modern city post-Independence.