Maturation Framework

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Project Structuring Maturation Roadmap
Project Logical Framework
Baseline Study and Report Feasibility Study Finalised PLF
Detailed Project Report
Results-Based Management Tool
SH Engagement Mapping and contact Identification Stakeholder Engagement Plan Workshop on Co-design of Scenarios with Stakeholders Workshop on Scenario Selection with CLAF Communication and Outreach plan for Implementation
Capacity Enhancement Organisational Readiness
SPV Staffing Plan
Recruitment of SPV Staff Training Workshops supported by the PMU Additional Training Needs Assessment Capacity-Building Plan
Lessons Learnt from the Maturation Phase
Mainstreaming of CITIIS Values Review of Best Practices and Lessons Learned E&S Screening
Innovation, Climate Change WS
E&S Impact Assessment
Workshop on Co-design/Validation of a Quick Win Project
E&S Mitigation Measures
Quick-Win Pilot Project
E&S Management Plan
Maturation Report